Three Myths of Liberalism

Adam Basanta

Three Myths of Liberalism a été jouée à Helsinki et Montréal…

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Despite the numerous political, socio-economical and technological changes that have taken place since the 19th century, classical liberal ideology still provides a foundation for our conception of modern life and our place within it.

I wanted to interrogate and complicate three interrelated aspects of this ideology — the relationship between the individual and the collective, the relation of work to monetary gain, and the search for individual self-fulfillment — through both a sonic and metaphoric lens. Each of the three aforementioned topics is explored sequentially throughout three intertwined movements.

While interrogating liberal ideology, the piece does not propose a simple diametrically opposite philosophy; rather, it aims to reveal the complex ambiguities of modern life and the inadequacies of singular ideological dogmas. In this sense, the piece suggests a multiplicity of interweaving narratives, which are revealed and re-structured through the listener’s imaginative engagement.


  • 5 avril 2012, Les messagers, Usine C, Montréal (Québec)



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