Antti Sakari Saario

Les œuvres d’Antti Sakari Saario rayonnent! Elles ont été jouées en concert à Belfast, Berkeley, Berlin, Birmingham, Keele, Leeds, Seia et York…

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Antti Sakari Saario is an award-winning post-acousmatic composer whose work has been performed in 150 plus concerts, dance performances, festivals and installations in England, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil amongst other countries, and has been broadcast worldwide. Antti’s research praxis focuses on fixed-media composition and its critical and performative application in interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts. Based on his history of composition, production and post-production work across various media, Antti currently utilises composition as a critical and political tool within various artistic and research contexts. His practice-based research explores issues regarding artistic responsibility through corporeal and nomadic methodologies.


Antti Sakari Saario

Lahti (Finlande), 1974

Résidence: Falmouth (Angleterre, RU)

  • Compositeur

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