Marelle ou Les instants de la vie

Elsa Justel

Marelle ou Les instants de la vie has been performed in Brussels, Leicester and New York City…

Life is a becoming of small moments. As in a game of hopscotch, we progress in life by hopping on one foot across stations in various states of mind. It is a path of back-and-forth, of light and darkness. Joy, uncertainty, dreams, fear, absurdity, anguish, cheerfulness alternate in our becoming to build the spider’s web that makes us be. Marelle ou Les instants de la vie [Hopscotch, or The Moments of Life] is an autobiographical electroacoustic suite.

[English translation: François Couture, iii-19]

Marelle ou Les instants de la vie was realized in 2017 at the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio of Musiques & Recherches in Ohain (Belgium) and was premiered on March 29, 2017, during the concert ÉlectroBelge at Espace Senghor in Brussels (Belgium). It was commissioned by Musiques & Recherches.


  • March 29, 2017, ÉlectroBelge, Espace Senghor, Brussels (Belgium)


16-channel fixed medium


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