Balloon Theories

Dimitris Savva

Balloon Theories has been performed in Brussels, Corfu and Sheffield…

The extra musical motivation for this composition was a personal realization about the way we create mental images about ourselves and how these images, that most of the times are false and fake, affect negatively our everyday life. We blow balloons and as soon as we do it we pop them, or at least we try. But the air inside the balloon, symbolizing the negative thoughts, beliefs and insecurities, is blown. Hence, the source of this uncomfortable situation is no one else but us. This is a realization that might motivate us to finally stop blowing balloons. The composition takes this idea as a starting point. It is influenced by it, developing its own and abstract narration allowing the listener to imagine his own unique story.



Balloon Theories (2013), 14:16
stereo fixed medium