Paul Dolden

Entr’acte has been performed in Toronto…

Entr’acte — 3rd movement of Music of Another Present Era — was realized in 2014 at the composer’s studio in Val-Morin (Québec) and premiered on August 12, 2016, during the Sound Travels festival in Geary Lane in Toronto (Canada). The piece was commissioned by NAISA, with support from the CCA.


  • August 12, 2016, Sound Travels 2016: Two Retrospectives: Paul Dolden and John Oswald, Geary Lane, Toronto (Ontario, Canada)


stereo fixed medium



Date Work Program
July 14, 2017 Paul Dolden, Music of Another Present Era: Entr’acte (2014) Parachute / Ràdio País (France)

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