Elizabeth Hoffman

Acoustical research has shown that the best violin tone and sound radiation are found in instruments where the violin’s dimensions and the size of its f-holes create an air resonance frequency that coincides roughly with that of the D string. d-ness is also a nod to the classical Western canon’s associations between the key of D and a range of exuberant or at least sunny affects.


d-ness was realized in the fall 2011 at the composer’s studio in New York City (NY, USA) with source material from a sound recording of Red is the Rows, a piece for two violins premiered by Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim Harris on October 23, 2011 at the new music community center Exapno in Brooklyn (NY, USA).


d-ness (2011), 10:17
fixed medium


Date Work Program
July 7, 2013 Elizabeth Hoffman, d-ness (2011), 10:17 Martian Gardens / WMUA 91.1 FM (USA)
March 16, 2015 Elizabeth Hoffman, d-ness (2011), 10:17 Acoustic Frontiers / CKCU 93.1 FM (Canada)
November 9, 2016 Elizabeth Hoffman, d-ness (2011), 10:17 Radio Horizon 93.9 FM (South Africa)