Nikos Stavropoulos

Atropos has been performed in Edinburgh…

In Greek mythology, Atropos was one of the three Moirae (Fates): female deities who supervised fate rather than determining it. Atropos was the fate who cut the thread or web of life. She was known as the ‘inflexible’ or ‘inevitable’ and cut this thread with the ‘abhorred shears.’ Although the title is not directly related to the content of the work, it was chosen to reflect compositional processes. Structural relationships are directed by the intrinsic morphology of the sounds employed here. In this respect, the choice of a Moira name metaphorically indicates the acousmatic processes involved in the work’s composition.


Atropos was realized at the studios of The University of Sheffield (England, UK) in early 2003 and was premiered on December 5, 2003 during the Spatial Awareness concert series produced by BEAST at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham (England, UK). Atropos was awarded a mention in the Concurso Internacional de Composição Electroacústica Música Viva (Portugal, 2004).



5.1-channel fixed medium



Date Work Program
June 9, 2019 Nikos Stavropoulos, Atropos (2003) The Moderns #57 / Radio Regent (Canada)
July 6, 2019 Nikos Stavropoulos, Atropos (2003) One-Hundred and Forty-Ninth Edition / The Parish News (UK)
August 2, 2019 Nikos Stavropoulos, Atropos (2003) One-Hundred and Fifty-Three Edition / The Parish News (UK)

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