Water Fall (Microclimate V)

Natasha Barrett

Water Fall (Microclimate V) has been performed in Leicester, Montréal and South River…

For Water Fall (Microclimate V) I threw two hydrophones off a bridge into white rapids in Holvik (Norway) while two normal microphones captured the air-born soundscape. Turbulence and eddies dragged the hydrophones, tossed them suddenly into the air or further down stream, smacked them into eddies or plunged them into imploding air cavities. After a while I attempted to anticipate where the microphones would end up and what type of sound they would capture — or to ‘play’ the waterfall.



fixed medium



Date Work Program
October 16, 2011 Natasha Barrett, Microclimates III-VI: Water Fall (Microclimate V) (2007) Martian Gardens / WMUA (USA)

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