Roxanne Turcotte

Attractions… An unusual circus! Of audible natural spaces. Setting in order the attraction between the elements over which we have no control. An audio research revolving around a central aspect: perceptions. The magnetic force of natural elements. Phenomena such as objects falling back down, terrestrial and sonic motion, the influence of planets and tides. Earth, sea, sky, heat, and natural disasters… Specific manifestations are creating illusions, impressions that eventually, become reality. What are we hearing? Only auditory illusions and perceptions.

[English translation: François Couture, viii-08]

Attractions, a series of miniatures, was realized in 2003-05 at the composer’s studio (Productions RTM) for a sound and light installation — which includes movements from the work Musée sonore (2003-05) — featuring lighting engineer François Doyon. The installation Attractions (2005) was presented from January 20 to January 29, 2005 at the Café of the Monument-National, Montréal, during the event Akousma (1), presented by Réseaux, and as part of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC)’s Canadian festival New Music in New Places. The composer thanks the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).


5.1-channel fixed medium



Date Work Program
October 4, 2011 Roxanne Turcotte, Attractions (2003-05) Beyond The Beyond / CHRW 94.7 FM (Canada)
October 16, 2011 Roxanne Turcotte, Attractions (2003-05) Martian Gardens / WMUA (USA)
March 13, 2012 Roxanne Turcotte, Attractions (2003-05) Beyond The Beyond / CHRW 94.7 FM (Canada)
December 26, 2016 Roxanne Turcotte, Attractions (2003-05) Acoustic Frontiers / CKCU 93.1 FM (Canada)

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