Musée sonore

Roxanne Turcotte

Musée sonore has been performed in Marseille…

Eleven sonic scripts where ambient sounds, gadget sounds, and nature sounds have a story to tell. Clinks, creaks, knocks, shakes, whistles, squeals, mechanisms, electrifying material, cogs, tinkles — they all have a life of their own. This piece was inspired by Tintin’s imaginary museum. When the installation was presented, objects revealed very special sounds that were orchestrated using small hidden loudspeakers.

[English translation: François Couture, viii-08]

Musée sonore [Sonic Museum], a series of miniatures, was realized in 2003-05 at the composer’s studio (Productions RTM) for a sound and light installation [which includes movements from the work Attractions (2003-05)] featuring lighting engineer François Doyon. The installation Attractions (2005) was presented from January 20 to January 29, 2005 at the Café of the Monument-National, Montréal, during the event Akousma (1), presented by Réseaux, and as part of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC)’s Canadian festival New Music in New Places. The composer thanks the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA).


fixed medium



  • May 18 – 20, 2012
    Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône, France)


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