Javier Álvarez - Francis Dhomont



[Incomplete programme]

Francis Dhomont [Lisbon (Portugal), November 30, 2018]
Francis Dhomont [Lisbon (Portugal), November 30, 2018]
  • Jean-François Denis, Robert Normandeau, Francis Dhomont: Sound projection threesome for the encore at 102 d’Alembert (during the tour “Traces électro — Europe 92”) [Photo: Bernard Donzel-Gargand, Grenoble (Isère, France), June 12, 1992]
  • Jean-François Denis [Photo: Mark Mushet, Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), June 20, 2013]
  • Robert Normandeau [Photo: Bernard Préfontaine, Montréal (Québec), January 23, 2012]

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