The Virtuosity of Excess; X Avant X — MG40: Lori Freedman + CCMC


Tour: The Virtuosity of Excess

This is a concert production — rather, a 55-minute “spectacle” of solo compositions for contrabass clarinet and bass clarinet. Lori Freedman will be playing many rarely performed pieces as well as new music that was written especially for her and for this project. Included on the programme are works by Richard Barrett, Brian Ferneyhough, Paul Steenhuisen, Raphaël Cendo, Paolo Perezzani, and Lori Freedman herself. She will be performing this programme in 10 North American cities during the 2015/16 season.

Festival: X Avant X — MG40

  • Lori Freedman [Photo: Anton Lukoszevieze, London (England, UK), December 8, 2018]
  • Lori Freedman [Photo: Sharon Kanach, Toronto (Ontario, Canada), October 15, 2015]

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