Sachiyo Takahashi

Sachiyo Takahashi is art director, choreographer and composer. She obtained an MA from the graduate school of Tokyo University (1992, Culture and Representation). Her main research was body and voice in traditional / contemporary performance. From childhood, she learned piano, recorder and flute and later learned Nô-kan from Master Yukimasa Isso. She is deeply influenced by Japanese traditional performing arts — Nô, Bunraku, and Shinnai. From 1999, she learned electroacoustic composition from Annette Vande Gorne at the Conservatoire royal de Mons (Mons, Belgium) (first prize with distinction for ParaDice in 2001) and started “sound-action creation” searching for the essential unity of choreography and sound in performance. (Aviation / Abbreviation, 1999-2001). As a performer, she worked with Jan Fabre in 1996-98 and learned theatre direction from him. Most of the time, she works on interdisciplinary projects and has collaborated on numerous occasions with artists from various disciplines. (Forklift Ballet, 1999, PlesioPhone, 2001, Intermedia improvisation in Prague, 2001) Her performance in Intermedia, Orpheus in the Dark, is supported by APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project) and was performed in five European cities in 2002. She is one of the artistic curators of “the Heart of PQ” (Prague Quadrennial), in 2003.

[source: MR 2002] [iv-03]

Sachiyo Takahashi

Niigata (Japan), 1967

Residence: Brooklyn (New York, USA)

  • Composer

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