Nicolas Nuyens

Nicolas Nuyens’s works are out there! They have been performed in concert in Amiens, Antwerp, Braine-le-Comte, Brussels, Mons, Morelia, Ohain and Tourcoing…

Nicolas Nuyens is a composer and a spatial interpreter of acousmatic and electroacoustic music. After being a craftsman, designer, and artist, he discovered that the Schaefferian “reduced listening” he had been practicing until then without giving it a name was not a behavioral defect, he went on studying at the Conservatoire royal de Mons / Arts2 (Royal Conservatory of Mons / Arts2) where he completed a Masters in acousmatic composition in June 2016.


Nicolas Nuyens

Brussels (Belgium), 1964

Residence: Brussels (Belgium)

  • Composer

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