Katharine Norman

Katharine Norman’s works are out there! They have been performed in concert in Aarhus, Belfast, Birmingham, London, Montréal, San Francisco and Strasbourg…

Katharine Norman (UK, 1960) is a British composer based in London (UK). She studied at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA) with Paul Lansky and held various academic posts before deciding to pursue a freelance career. When using computers she works mainly with recorded sounds from the real world, making pieces which seek to create a poetry from the activity of our so-called ordinary lives. Her disc London is available on the NMC/Nimbus label.


Katharine Norman

Billericay (England, UK), 1960

Residence: England (UK)

  • Composer


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Katharine Norman [Photo: Chantal Rosas Cobian]
Katharine Norman [Photo: Chantal Rosas Cobian]


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