James Andean

James Andean’s works reach out! They have been performed in concert in Aarhus, Athens, Belfast, Brussels, Cagliari, Crest, Denton, Helsinki, Leuk, Liverpool, London, Milan, Morelia, New York City, Rethymno, South River, Toledo and Uppsala…

James Andean is a musician and sound artist. He is active as a composer, performer, and lecturer in a range of fields, including acousmatic music, electroacoustic composition and performance, improvisation, sound art, sound diffusion, sound installations, audiovisual art, and multidisciplinary performance. He is a founding member of several groups and ensembles, including Rank Ensemble, LOS Duo, and Plucié / DesAndes. He has performed throughout Europe and North America, and his works have been presented around the world. He is a lecturer at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre of De Montfort University (Leicester, England, UK).


James Andean

Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), 1972

Residence: Leicester (England, UK)

  • Composer

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James Andean



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